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The Escape Game, America’s #1 escape room transforming the popular concept with movie set-style experiences, hired Sachse Construction to build two new first-to-market locations in New York City and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

The two Escape Game locations, ranging from 4,900-square-feet to 5,470-square-feet, feature five different storylines ranging in difficulty scale, including Special Ops: Mysterious Market, Gold Rush, Prison Break, Playground, and Heist. The immersive games are envisioned, designed, and created by The Escape Game’s team of professional game designers. Sachse Construction was tasked with building the façade, lobby area, and infrastructure for the games.

The build-outs require high-tech equipment and miles of wiring and cabling so that each game is interactive and responsive throughout the 60-minute adventure. This creates an immersive experience for all players involved.

Throughout the lifecycle of both projects, the project teams encountered unique challenges that required unique solutions to ensure the locations opened on time. At one location, the team discovered that the 47-story building’s main sprinkler and plumbing lines ran through the ceiling of the mezzanine, which made the ceiling less than 6-feet tall. The team relocated these lines to the basement over the course of three nights to ensure there were no disruptions to the daily construction trades.

Another unique challenge encountered in one of the projects was that the basement did not have a tie-in to the building’s plumbing system. The project team had to remove the flooring and cut 4-feet deep into bedrock to install a grinder pump. The waste was then pumped 18 feet high to tie into another plumbing component of the building.

Over 120 change orders were issued for one of the projects, due to changes in the drawings and electrical plans. Despite these challenges, both locations opened on time with no extensions to the schedule.

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