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Salvatore Ferragamo


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A Lasting Partnership

Sachse Construction was hired to lead the construction of various Salvatore Ferragamo stores in Chicago, IL; McLean, VA; and Troy, MI. Each project consisted of demolition and a complete store buildout with various high-end finishes. A challenge each project team faced was that all fixtures had to be shipped from Italy. These long-lead-time materials were incorporated into the schedules forcing procedures to take place in a sequence atypical of store buildouts. For example, the project team that worked on the Salvatore Ferragamo store in McLean, Virginia created custom walls to fit the as-built fixtures. In addition, each project consisted of 1.5-inch-thick marble façades to enhance each store’s sophisticated ambiance.

The successful completion of these stores has developed a long-lasting partnership between Sachse Construction and Salvatore Ferragamo.