Tenant Coordination

City Creek Center

  • Development of tenant handbook
  • Review of construction documents
  • Lease exhibit review
  • Landlord design criteria
  • Emergency response planning
  • Lease outline drawings (LOD)

  • Safety and planning
  • Permit scheduling
  • Logistics and scheduling
  • Government authority relationship management
  • Reporting
  • Issue resolution
  • Lease driven landlord work
  • Tenant construction compliance

  • Collect as-built drawings and other closeout documentation
  • Inspections completion
  • Permits finalization
  • Certificate of Occupancy receipt

coordination is key

Multi-tenant property owners and developers appreciate the convenience and efficiency of our tenant coordination services. We provide an experience with stakeholders that ensures a productive and collaborative interface between the owner, tenants, and their contractors. For each project, we create a unique solution with a tailored project approach, logistics plan, and schedule sequencing.

Clients have confidence in our ability to manage their needs, including:

  • Planning, permitting, scheduling, and inspections
  • Receipt of final Certificate of Occupancy
  • Tenant check-in completion
  • Timely opening of retail center or mixed-use urban development

Our Proprietary Project Software:

Our proprietary project management software, The SAL, offers clients the opportunity to track project progress in real time.

Key Features of The Sal Include:

Daily Project + Photo Logs
Preconstruction + Closeout Documentation

Upon completion of construction, our team ensures a successful opening by working closely with the store team to complete a pre-opening checklist, milestone tracking, and tenant training and compliance.

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