Our Commitment


Amerisure Insurance HQ

Committed to Quality through Every Phase

We take a proactive approach to construction to ensure the highest quality for our clients throughout the course of construction. A multi-step process has been integrated into our construction management programs to ensure our expectations are communicated, understood, and implemented in the field.


  1. A pre-task meeting with all stakeholders involved in the feature of work to communicate all expectations
  2. An initial inspection of the work in place as it starts, thus ensuring that expectations have been understood and are being implemented in the field
  3. Follow-up inspections that utilize checklists, testing requirements, and subject matter experts to ensure that work is completed in conformance with the Contract documents and expectations

Our team utilizes the latest technology for on-site coordination, project tracking, and communications between the project team and the client. As each project progresses, we ensure inspections and corrective actions are performed throughout the entirety of the project duration. In short, we do what we can, when we can with quality always at top of mind.

Keys to Implementing Quality through Every Phase:

  • Integration of project team
  • Project features of work
  • Designer/Contractor/Trade Partner coordination including OAC meetings, peer reviews, and trade partners preconstruction meetings
on-site implementation
  • Quality-minded superintendent leads on-site daily quality checks
  • Pre-task planning and pre-installation meetings with trades
  • Continuous inspection and corrective actions performed throughout the project life cycle
  • Utilization of the latest technology for document control, on-site coordination, tracking, and communication
  • If an issue is noted, a corrective action plan is developed and implemented with the same care and consideration as the original scope of work
  • A follow-up inspection is performed to ensure work is completed correctly
  • Employing only the top certified third-party testing agencies
  • Delivery of a detailed closeout package to meet client needs
  • Client training and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manuals distributed
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