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Beverly Center


L.A. Mall Renovation

SoCal Shopping

Sachse Construction performed the landlord work, including the construction of four white box spaces and tenant coordination services for the Beverly Center. The Beverly Center is an eight-story, upscale mall in Los Angeles, California, housing 160 tenants. The mall underwent a $500 million renovation to incorporate 11 new high-end restaurants, a dynamic new streetscape, and interior skylights throughout to emulate an outdoor shopping experience.

Since the mall remained open during the renovations, the tenant coordination team was responsible for ensuring there were no disruptions to the mall’s operations. Precise planning and communication amongst all parties were required to meet each project milestone.

The Beverly Center sits in the heart of Los Angeles, where tourism is a vast industry. Last year, tourists made up approximately 42% of shoppers. The mall had to be kept presentable and clean at all times during construction. Signage and barriers clearly identified the construction areas to keep dust at bay and deter shoppers from accidentally finding themselves amidst an active construction site.

The renovation was completed in the fall of 2018 and brought a renewed energy to the mall enhancing the experience for shoppers.

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