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SITE Centers Corporation


Reconstruction Program in Puerto Rico

Rebuilding Properties and Building Trust

Sachse Construction is leading the reconstruction of 12 SITE Centers Corporation properties affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. The project team encountered various challenges working on these properties that are spread across the island, resulting in strategic logistical planning and adaptive solutions.

The main challenge continues to be limited resources and labor shortage on the island. Every structure in Puerto Rico has required some level of reconstruction due to the hurricane, thus creating a higher demand for resources and trades. Sachse Construction’s strong relationships with many trade partners on the island have been a crucial asset to the SITE Centers Corporation reconstruction program. Many trade partners who have worked with Sachse Construction before the hurricane have continued to work with us throughout the labor shortage.

Another obstacle the project team is facing is the severe power outage on the island. As a result of the power outage, there has been a limited supply of working meters. The electrical companies have been collecting working meters from vacant buildings and using them on other properties.

Many of the SITE Centers Corporation properties are currently vacant and require mold remediation. Without a working meter onsite, the restoration team cannot access electricity and, therefore, cannot use the equipment needed for the remediation process. In these situations, the project team has contacted the electrical company and negotiated a timeframe of when they can expect to have another meter installed onsite. The team has reworked its schedule to complete portions of the project that do not require electricity.

Sachse Construction’s program management team is continuing the reconstruction efforts in Puerto Rico while communicating the progress on each of the properties with SITE Centers Corporation.

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