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Sachse Construction is a forward-thinking organization with a long-term commitment to clients, communities, and the environment. This commitment includes careful attention to the qualifications necessary to achieve and maintain LEED and WELL certifications as a green builder with a team of accredited professionals. This is a social responsibility that we take seriously as sustainable buildings benefit the future of our communities and provide solid financial benefits for the client.

Water and energy conservation, lower operational costs, increased asset value, and incentives such as tax allowances and zoning accommodations make it profitable to choose a green builder who is well-versed in the latest environmentally-friendly materials, systems, and techniques. We guide clients through options for incorporating sustainable materials and green building practices into every project.


Materials Selection Commitment to the Environment through LEED® Practices

Securing Sustainable Certifications

Our team has completed over 30 projects that have achieved LEED certification at the Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels, and we also have WELL project experience. With an award-winning internal training program, our LEED-Accredited Professionals (LEED-APs) are well-versed in the process for securing LEED and WELL certifications.

Our sustainable practices begin in the preconstruction phase to identify which areas of the project can be designed and constructed to meet certification requirements and to understand how the building will interact with its occupants. Our project teams work closely with the architect to provide an understanding of construction feasibility for various elements, integrating these certifying elements into the project’s budget and schedule. With early involvement, we can help ensure the project is certified to the highest level possible. During the construction phase, our team is aware of the certification requirements, checkpoints, and special testing that need to be documented along the way to meet all standards.

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