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LA Store Buildout

Chic Finishes, Designer Fashion

Sachse Construction managed the construction of several Versace stores throughout the United States including Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, San Juan, PR, and Troy, MI.

Versace buildouts contain new storefront installation as well as a multitude of interior upgrades including lighted casework, multiple flooring types, and specialized lighting.

The Versace new store buildout at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, CA was completed in two phases. The first phase consisted of demolition to the existing space including tile, wooden casework, lighting, existing drywall, and ceiling structure.

Phase two was comprised of tenant improvements for installing the new store. As part of the buildout, Sachse managed a number of trades including MEP and finishes contractors. The store features a number of high-end finishes including a new marble floor and lighted exterior glass storefront. A new lighting package and specialty glass lighted casework was also installed.

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