Project Profile

Mall of San Juan


A Coordinated Team of Experts

Rebuilding Hope

In 2017, Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico damaging many businesses and livelihoods, including the Mall of San Juan. Sachse Construction was called to assess the situation and remedy damages. Offering a single, coordinated team of experts, Sachse Construction organized each tenants’ storm-related damages to manage not just a cleanup, but a comprehensive rebuild.

Each space involved a unique set of materials that had suffered damages. After thorough environmental and structural testing by a certified industrial hygienist, the team developed detailed strategic reconstruction plans for each tenant, complete with budgeting and insurance team coordination.

Through meticulous organization, the Sachse team identified and ordered potential long-lead-time materials early in the project to minimize delays and bring the tenants back to business as quickly as possible.

The project was so successful, that Sachse was engaged to rebuild and reopen 12 additional commercial properties across Puerto Rico.