Project Profile

NorthRidge Church


Religious Renovation with a Focus on Aesthetic

Experiential Gathering Space

Sachse Construction managed the renovation of NorthRidge Church, a religious facility with renovated space, totaling 60,000 square feet in Plymouth, MI. The project included upgrades to the church’s atrium, gathering spaces, meeting rooms, bathrooms, and a new outdoor courtyard area. The church remained fully operational and occupied during the renovation.

Sachse Construction led a daily coordination effort with all stakeholders that focused on ensuring construction and church activities occurred without interruption. A phasing plan was utilized and outlined where work was taking place. There were several key logistics components essential for the success of the project since the space was still occupied. The logistics included but are not limited to:

  • Daily cleaning of any work areas that are also accessed by the public
  • Regularly review church and construction activities schedules
  • Temporary walls and mobile accordion walls to separate construction and occupied spaces
  • Phased shutdowns for bathroom renovations to ensure some remain operational for patrons

The goal of the new atrium and activities room for NorthRidge Church is to provide an experiential space for fun activities and meetings. To achieve this, the team installed unique elements and finishes, including structural supports and power for a large chandelier, a large western-facing glass curtain wall system, renovated mezzanine, and cafe area.

One of the biggest challenges on the project was working with phased bidding and construction based on budget accessibility, long lead items, such as the hanging wall, and the church’s significant events schedules, including Christmas and Easter. The project team led the coordination effort and completed the project in three major phases:

  • Phase 1: Demolition, structural renovations
  • Phase 2: MEP renovations, new drywall, and framing
  • Phase 3: Finishes installation