Project Profile

City Creek Center


Tenant and Traffic Coordination

Underground Deliveries

Sachse Construction provided Tenant Coordination and on-site services for the $1.5 billion City Creek Center Development in Salt Lake City, UT. Living on-site for the entire duration of the project, the project team worked tirelessly to ensure that over 100 tenants opened on time for the grand opening event.

City Creek Center posed a challenge for Sachse Construction’s tenant coordination team because it took up two city blocks in the highly trafficked downtown area, with the main street running between the two blocks of the mall. Due to the dense population, docking stations could not be located near the main road and interfere with traffic flow, making material delivery a challenge. Instead, docking stations were five stories below ground, and semi-trucks were given access via a truckavator. Due to the limited number of truckavators, deliveries needed to be carefully monitored to ensure trucks did not back up onto the main street. Sachse Construction devised a scheduling system to make all deliveries as efficient as possible. The team gave trucks a specific time to arrive, and the tenant coordination team synchronized people to unload the trucks at the scheduled times. From there, additional personnel was responsible for taking the materials to the designated area to ensure the retailers could build out their store in time.

Thanks to the successful coordination of this complex scheduling program, the retailers were able to open their stores on time for the mall‘s grand opening.

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