Project Profile

620-630 Woodward Ave.

Historic Renovation, Mixed-Use, Office

A New Home for Bedrock

Historic Renovation

Two historic buildings built in the late 1800s were converted into Bedrock Detroit’s new headquarters in downtown Detroit. The interiors of the historic buildings were fraught with structural deterioration and needed to be gutted and brought up to date. The Sachse Construction team was hired to oversee 45,000 square feet of historic restoration and tenant improvements.

The scope of the project consisted of restoring the original wood structure of the buildings, updating the mechanical system, and modernizing the space for future tenant occupancy. Bedrock Detroit’s new headquarters was designed as a smart building, which included a fully integrated HVAC system and lighting controls. Plus, the facility incorporated various enclosed offices, each requiring separate temperature controls. The project team also installed a security system throughout the space.

Both 620 and 630 Woodward Ave. were converted into mixed-use buildings with ground-level retail and offices on the upper levels of the property. In addition, 630 Woodward Ave. now adorns an atrium skylight that beams sunlight through the center of the building and can be seen from all four floors of the building.