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Press Releases

Downtown Detroit Synagogue to get $4.5 Million Renovation

The synagogue with colorful windows in Detroit’s Capitol Park neighborhood is expected to get a big renovation. The Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue at 1445-1457 Griswold St. is targeted for an overhaul to every floor, including opening up the first-floor

A Deep Dive Into New Industrial Design Trends

The last decade has been a time of profound and consequential change in industrial construction. Trends like the integration and influence of new technology, adapting to space limitations in urban environments, the explosive growth and proliferation of

3 Questions You Must Ask a Construction Partner Before Your Next Mass Food Service Project

Gone are the days of traditional assembly-line cafeteria environments. Today, diners are looking for more specialized atmospheres and engaging experiences for their meals. When choosing a construction partner for your next food service project, it’s

Sachse Construction to Hold Job Fair, Skilled Trades Demo in Eastern Market

Hundreds of high school students and young adults in the Detroit area are expected to attend an upcoming skilled trades exhibition and job fair in Eastern Market. Detroit-based Sachse Construction is putting on the Oct. 22 event for the fourth straight year.

Sachse Construction Named a 2019 Finalist for Prestigious U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Citizens Award

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation named Sachse Construction a finalist in the 2019 Citizens Awards, in the category of Best Community Improvement Program for its annual Sachse Construction Academy. “Sachse Construction values the opportunity to

The Escape Game and Sachse Construction Partner to Build First-to-Market Escape Experiences in New York and Pennsylvania

The Escape Game, America’s No. 1 escape room transforming the popular concept with movie set-style experiences, has tapped Sachse Construction, a Detroit-based construction management firm licensed in all 50 states and throughout North America, to build two

Back to Basic on Construction Performance Payment Bonds

Are you in the contracting business and trying to understand the different bonds that you may need on a project? Many people do not realize that construction surety bonds have been around since ancient times, but that does not mean that everyone is familiar

3 Questions to Ask Your Construction Partner Before Your Online Store Goes Brick and Mortar

Transitioning an online marketplace to a brick and mortar retail space can be overwhelming, but finding the right construction partner doesn’t need to be. When considering your options, use these three questions as a guide to evaluating the best