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Can’t tell the difference between Detroit’s new apartment buildings? Here’s why

For the first time in a while, Detroit is seeing a lot of new construction instead of rehabs or demolition. But in many cases, these buildings tend to look fairly similar. Whether among Corktown’s turn-of-the-century Victorian homes, nestled between the

NYC Poised for 2021 COVID Comeback with Major Real Estate Developments

Amid rising COVID cases and looming lockdowns, my fellow New Yorkers should take heart — because we will have a greater city to look forward to once this pandemic’s over. Although the flight from the Big Apple, increasing crime, and possible MTA cuts are

Uncertainty Shades a Once-Soaring Multifamily Construction Market

The developer TPA Residential recently selected McShane Construction to build Woodward Crossing, a Class-A, 265-unit apartment complex on 7.8 acres in Buford, Ga. The apartments would be inside two buildings, four and five stories, designed by the

The Argument Against Gas Stoves Includes Degraded Indoor Air Quality

The environmental argument for banning gas appliances from new construction projects often centers on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but another justification is to improve indoor air quality. Indeed, cooking on a gas stove releases nitrogen dioxide

Healthy Air Systems Protect Builders and Owners

Increased public awareness of the hazards posed by indoor pollutants has raised tenant expectations for healthy indoor air. In response, builders, owners and managers of multi-family housing are installing healthy air systems for individual units as a means

Apartment Developers Scout Adaptive Reuse Possibilities

It’s too soon for most developers to sign a contract to buy a failed hotel—but apartment developers are watching and waiting for prices to drop to buy other property types damaged by the economic crisis to redevelop into multifamily buildings. Even before

Apartment Communities Optimize Services, Amenities for Life Under a Pandemic

Common areas remain silent at many apartment buildings—emptied out to avoid spreading the coronavirus. But residents still need services and amenities, especially as they spend more time on site than normal. That’s forcing innovation and adaptation on

Reimagining Multifamily Spaces in the COVID Era

After living with the threat of COVID-19 for several months, it is increasingly clear that we will need to manage this situation for some time to come. Habits and lifestyle changes adopted as pandemic strategies may prove enduring, and these changes will be