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Cannabis: The New Luxury Boutique

The days of poorly lit dispensaries with dusty shelves stocked with rolling papers, tie-dyed T-shirts and patchouli incense are over. The new 21st-century cannabis boutiques are taking a page from lifestyle aspirational brands, such as RH and Tiffany &

Six Trends Driving the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry

In order to minimize change orders, increase efficiency, improve their return on investment and enhance the quality of their projects, infrastructure engineers and designers have turned to several new trends and technologies.  Digital twins, for example, are

Playground Project Moves Forward, Seeks Volunteers

WARREN — A disk swing, castle-style playscape, swings, slides, benches, stand-up spinner and more will soon welcome adventurous children at the Academy of Warren, or AOW, located at 13943 E. Eight Mile Road. School officials are in the process of building a

Why Now is the Ideal Time to Renovate Your Office Space.

Have you been considering renovating your workplace, but muddling over when the right time would be? While it might feel like a low priority to take these steps during the current pandemic, where remote work has become the new norm, there is in fact no better

5 Construction Strategies for Retailers in a Post-COVID World

The extent of the pandemic’s effects on retail spaces may not be fully realized for months or years, but we are certainly in the midst of new beginnings for the retail experience. More than ever before, retailers must now consider their clients’ emotions,

Modular Construction Meets Changing Needs in the Pandemic

When the University of Denver reopened for classes this fall, there was a new building on campus next to the student athletics center: a coronavirus testing center created using modular construction. Students and staff can either walk up or drive up to have

‘This Too Shall Pass’: 43 Real Estate Execs On The Biggest Lessons Of 2020

The last 280 days of the coronavirus pandemic have been unprecedented, unimaginable and tragic in countless ways. From an economic perspective, where we work, where we eat, where we shop — where we do anything — is still mostly in flux. It’s anyone’s

Embracing the World of Outdoor Workspaces

The pandemic has permanently changed the way commercial buildings look and function—and the change went beyond their edges and layouts. Landlords, developers, architects and property managers are now observing and analyzing the way office users engage with