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The Latest Data in the Multifamily ‘Amenities War’

There’s been an explosion of amenities in the U.S. and Canadian multifamily construction sector. Package delivery centers have tripled in size. Simple bicycle “racks” have become bicycle “kitchens,” where residents can not only safely store, but also maintain and repair their $10,500 Bianchi Oltre XR4s.

Some properties now have dedicated rideshare areas for tenants to wait for their Uber or Lyft rides.

Multifamily residents are demanding high-end security systems, the latest smart home technology, “green” energy and water efficiency, and lightning fast WiFi. On the horizon: co-working and “maker” spaces.

Developers and designers are bending over backwards to provide more—and more elaborate—services and facilities for pets. Dogs, mostly. As for amenities for children, not so much. You’re more likely to find a doggie wash station than a children’s playroom in most multifamily complexes.

Anything that spells “wellness” is in high demand, thanks to the spike in asthma and allergies. Renters and condo buyers want to know about any “Red List” chemicals in the materials, building products, and finishes you’re using. Developers and their design teams are using fitness and nature amenities to get tenants and condo owners out of their living units and into the outdoors.

All these must-have extras add to the burden designers and contractors must contend with to meet the needs—and budgets—of multifamily developers and their customers—renters and condominium purchasers. Multifamily residential real estate is no longer just about location, location, location. There’s a new mantra: amenities, amenities, and more amenities.

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