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Recruitment in the Age of Virtual Career Fairs

Even in a digital era, the coronavirus pandemic forced many companies, schools, and employees to speed up the rate in which they use technology to commute, connect, and recruit. With the onset of this year’s fall semester, universities have developed a new norm for their students: virtual career fairs. As late as August of the new semester, colleges were scrambling to develop platforms for such sessions and determine the best method to bring the student and employer together.

While this online format lacks the in-person interactions both companies and prospective students traditionally seek as part of the interviewing process, the virtual career fair has allowed for employers to reach students in a broader scope and allows for student to learn more about a company in a more structured format. While this new format might have been a challenge for students and employers to navigate, the positive impact is seen from both sides.

Leveraging the New Norm


Sachse Construction’s passion and enthusiasm for building diverse, state-of-the-art commercial and retail spaces inspires us to provide hands-on construction management internships and careers for college students and recent graduates. Our team has attended eight career fairs in the last month alone, leveraging our technological capabilities to recruit top-caliber talent.

As Sachse Construction continues to attend virtual career fairs, we remain committed to seeking out incoming summer associates and new graduates who are looking to begin their career in construction. Day-to-day responsibilities can include:

  1. Coordinating pre-bid trade partner site visits and documenting existing conditions
  2. Negotiating trade partner contracts through the procurement process
  3. Leveling bids on bid day
  4. Performing take-offs to assist estimators in the bidding process
  5. Soliciting trade partner coverage for projects
  6. And much more

No matter the position of a summer associate or new graduate, students have a chance to actively participate in Sachse Construction’s efforts toward securing projects with national commercial and retail clients.

Michael, a recent summer associate shares, “Sachse Construction’s summer associate program was by far one of the best I could have asked for! The willingness of the people to help me and the different opportunities made for an amazing learning experience. Even in the short time I was here, I feel like I learned more than I would have anywhere else!”

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about our summer associate opportunities, visit our career portal. Sachse Construction is always looking for high-caliber and energetic college students and recent graduates to join our team.

Building Partnerships, Projects, and Careers

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Detroit, Sachse Construction has built millions of square feet of commercial, retail, multifamily, and institutional space for clients throughout all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. We attribute our success to our team members because we truly believe it’s about WHO we are, not what we do.

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