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Amazon Pushes Holiday Shoppers to Pick Up Packages at Stores Amid Potential Delivery Crunch

Amazon is pushing holiday shoppers to retrieve their own packages from brick-and-mortar retail locations and neighborhood “hubs,” as it braces for a surge in online orders. The company said in a statement Monday that Amazon shoppers nationwide can now

NYC Poised for 2021 COVID Comeback with Major Real Estate Developments

Amid rising COVID cases and looming lockdowns, my fellow New Yorkers should take heart — because we will have a greater city to look forward to once this pandemic’s over. Although the flight from the Big Apple, increasing crime, and possible MTA cuts are

Why Precast Concrete is an Appealing Choice for Student Housing

When it comes to designing and building new student housing, speed is typically of the essence as colleges and universities are eager to get those beds online as quickly as possible. For schools in regions with inclement winter weather, speed takes on

Midtown Manhattan’s Empty Offices Could be Converted to Affordable Housing

With Midtown Manhattan’s office towers drastically under-occupied as employees work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, some housing advocates foresee new uses for these spaces. A study by commercial broker CBRE found that only 10% of Manhattan

Netflix Landlord in Bushwick Snaps Up Property Across Street

The investors who brought a Netflix soundstage to Brooklyn just picked up another property nearby — a sign that they could be eyeing an expansion for the popular production and streaming company. Joseph and Glenn Lostritto’s Steel Equities recently bought

The Argument Against Gas Stoves Includes Degraded Indoor Air Quality

The environmental argument for banning gas appliances from new construction projects often centers on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but another justification is to improve indoor air quality. Indeed, cooking on a gas stove releases nitrogen dioxide

K-12 Sector Adjusting to ‘New Priorities’

K-12 schools in Mississippi began reopening in late July. By August 13, 39 counties—half of that state’s total—had schools reporting positive coronavirus cases that included 109 teachers and 69 students. More than 250 teachers and staff and 489 students

New Guidelines for Replacing Windows Without Removing Exterior Brick Veneer

The Fenestration Manufacturers Association (FMA), the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA), and the Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) have released a new document focused on replacement windows. FMA/AAMA/WDMA 2710-20, Guidelines

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