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Maintaining High-End Quality

LA Store Buildout

Quality is an essential part of Sachse Construction’s project approach, present in preconstruction through project completion. Quality on projects containing high-end finishes is especially important because they must come together seamlessly to support the aesthetic of the store as well as the brand occupying the space. Sachse Construction has completed several stores for Versace, including the location at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, CA. This location, typical to Versace’s store designs, contained several unique high-end finishes: a lighted glass storefront, interior lighting, metal-framed glass casework, marble flooring imported from Italy, and carpet.

The Versace project at the Beverly Center encountered a unique quality challenge that affected the walls, wallcoverings, and flooring for the store. On a typical retail buildout, the team installs flooring before the walls being constructed to ensure the walls are not damaged.

On the Versace project at the Beverly Center, the team discovered that the delivery of the store’s marble flooring was delayed during a routine check-in on the long-lead items and finishes schedule.

The project team quickly assessed the construction schedule and realized to complete the project on time, other finishes, including the walls, would need to be put in place ahead of the marble. When it came time to install the marble, Sachse Construction’s superintendent utilized an inspection checklist and carefully ensured the new flooring was put in place properly and did not damage any of the installed materials.

Sachse Construction completed the project within the original time frame and to the highest-level quality standard. The team was able to achieve this by implementing a quality control plan that spanned all phases of the project, with proven documentation processes during preconstruction, as well as onsite quality control and assurance methods during the construction phase.