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Shurtape Technologies Offers Scholarship to Fill Skilled Trades Gap

The skilled trades shortage is a national concern apparent in headlines, classrooms, and businesses. This situation has become urgent as the construction industry is seeing many of the current skilled workers above the age of 55 retiring with few candidates to replace them. Recognizing an immediate need to fill the skilled trades gap, Sachse Construction recently hosted its third annual Sachse Construction Academy in partnership with Junior Achievement of Southeast Michigan. During this one-day event, 500 metro Detroit high school students gathered together to learn about the skilled trades. Accompanied by motivational speakers, skilled trade workers, and corporate sponsors, the students were exposed to a potential future career path they may not have previously considered.

This year, Sachse Construction Academy welcomed a new national partner with Shurtape Technologies, LLC, who has a similar mission to help combat the ongoing labor shortage. Shurtape Technologies, LLC created their Mission: HVAC, Educating for Success program in 2015, which provides scholarship opportunities to HVAC students as a means of lessening trade school costs. The costs of a trade education can be high – and offering programs that help offset those costs is crucial to closing the skills gap.

At the Sachse Construction Academy, Shurtape Technologies, LLC, hosted a booth to promote the perks and benefits of working in the skilled trades including job security, competitive salaries, and a chance to own a business. “The enthusiasm we saw during the event was incredible,” shared Lisa Zierfuss, Product Manager for Building and Construction/HVAC Tapes at Shurtape. “We had the chance to talk to high school seniors about the skills they’re interested in pursuing. These types of conversations – and the infectious enthusiasm for skilled trades present among all those attending the Sachse Construction Academy – have the ability to make a significant impact in closing the trades gap and reversing the stigma against these jobs.”

Students also had the opportunity to learn about the $2,500 Tape University Scholarship Shurtape Technologies, LLC is offering to one student attendee from this year’s event. is a platform developed by Shurtape Technologies, LLC, as an online resource for tape that provides professionals in a range of industries with access to demonstrations, blog posts, and articles. One eligible student will be able to put the scholarship towards the cost of a trade education after high school. The scholarship winner will be publicly announced on November 30, 2018.

Todd Sachse, Founder of Sachse Construction shared, “We are so fortunate to have partnered with Shurtape at this year’s Sachse Construction Academy, a company whose mission aligns with our own to close the skilled trades gap.” Sachse continued, “This event helps shed light on the benefits of a skilled trades career and grants students an opportunity to build a rewarding future. This generous scholarship that Shurtape provides through their Mission: HVAC program is crucial to increasing enrollment at vocational schools.”

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Shurtape Technologies, LLC is a privately-owned, fifth-generation, global corporation headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina. Established in 1880, Shurtape has a history of entrepreneurship and innovation, from spinning cotton, yarn, and twine to their focus today: making high-quality, high-performing tapes. Shurtape designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes pressure-sensitive tapes that make their customers’ lives easier and job performance better. Serving a variety of markets from HVAC and industrial to arts and entertainment, Shurtape produces with passion for their products and complete customer satisfaction. For more information, visit

Sachse Construction is a premier commercial construction firm recognized as one of the most trusted and respected construction partners in North America. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Detroit, Sachse Construction has built millions of square feet spanning the retail, commercial, multifamily and institutional sectors. Committed to doing the right thing and pursuing excellence by constantly raising the bar, Sachse utilizes unparalleled industry experience and enthusiasm to deliver innovative projects and solutions for every partner, every time. For more information, visit

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