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Suburban Garden-Style Apartments Will Be the Future of the Multifamily Sector

Long-term success in portfolio building is a function of agility. We’re seeing where the market is headed and anticipating where we’ll see the greatest demand and most manageable risk. As the commercial real estate market shifts away from retail, it’s

How Apartment Renter Preferences are Changing Because of the Pandemic

The pandemic has shifted preferences when it comes to what renters are seeking when considering new apartments. Before the emergency of COVID-19, a Greystar survey revealed the most wanted apartment amenities in the U.S. included swimming pools, multi-use

Virtual Apartment Showings Will Play Vital Role in Leasing Process Even After Pandemic Ends

As in-person apartment viewings return, industry sources say the technologies used during the shelter-in-place period will stick around even after the coronavirus pandemic ends. The use of virtual apartment showings and paperless leasing spiked during the

AIA Releases Strategies and Illustrations for Reducing Risk of COVID-19 in Senior Living Communities

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is releasing strategies and illustrations today that can help senior living communities mitigate risk of COVID-19. These resources were developed by a team of architects, AIA’s Design for Aging knowledge

Housing Is Hot With the Economy in the Deep Freeze

No matter how you look at it, the economic fallout from the coronavirus is going to be brutal, with a projected 6.5% decline in real gross domestic product in 2020 and an unemployment rate of 9.3% at year-end, according to the Federal Reserve. In ordinary

The Megacity is Dead. Long Live the Megacity

Easing lockdowns around the world present an opportunity to go back to the drawing board for many economies. In Asia, densely packed urban centers are a good place to start. The trick for planners will be to minimize disease outbreaks without quashing the

One Theory to Fight Homelessness: Readapt Empty Hotel Rooms

To battle the spread of COVID-19, local officials around the country are taking some pretty dramatic steps. For example, Los Angeles County officials plan to lease 15,000 hotel rooms to house the homeless. “This is a proactive approach to move people into

Co-Living Was Built Around Sharing Living Spaces with Strangers. Will It Survive Through a Pandemic?

Before the coronavirus hit, co-living projects were attracting more and more investor money. Now, as public officials continue to encourage social distancing, questions are rising about whether residents in co-living buildings can even follow these