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260 E. Brown Suite Buildout

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Modeling Creative Solutions

Before the first swing of a hammer, an experienced construction team will meticulously review every detail of a project to ensure steady progression and, ultimately, a successful turnover to the client. On a suite buildout project at 260 E. Brown Street in Birmingham, MI, the Sachse Construction team did just that.

The client tasked Sachse Construction with tenant improvements to their space, including selective demolition, HVAC updates, drywall, flooring, interior storefront, wall coverings, and millwork cabinetry and countertops. During preconstruction, the project team worked with Sachse Construction’s in-house Virtual, Design, and Construction team to model the space. The modeling helped the team understand constructability issues and potential schedule and cost setbacks before construction began.

These reviews utilized modeling and On-Screen Take Off software to determine accurate take-offs for the walls and flooring. Additionally, this approach provided the freedom to offer superior value management solutions to the client and revise material selections to save costs as needed.

The model also came in handy during the construction phase, serving as an expeditor for clarification questions and calling out issues as changes in the space design were made after construction had started.

The 3D model helped to create a more efficient submittal process. The team was able to solve clarification questions on-site by using the model to explain a discrepancy within the door/frame/hard submittal and shop drawing process.

While incorporating an alternate light fixture option into the model, the Sachse Construction team discovered the scope was revised to include new board room light fixtures that caused alignment and symmetry issues within the space. The model was used to show the client how the layout would change depending on where the team placed the light fixtures. Keeping in close communication with all parties involved, the Sachse Construction team conveyed all on-screen discoveries and layout changes to the field team to help resolve all issues before beginning the project.

The use of this technology allowed the project team to identify discrepancies in both construction and design before construction commencement, saving the client both time and money.