Case Study


GFL Environmental, USA

A Singular Integrated Team Approach

Brand-New Facilities

When Sachse Construction began working with GFL Environmental, USA on their new waste transfer facility, GFL stressed the importance of working with a partner and using a contracting method that was collaborative, pushed a quick schedule, and was a single-source method. The result, a design-build approach was implemented.

The history behind GFL’s need to build a new facility is an important factor in the decision to execute the project as a design-build job. GFL Environmental’s previous facility as destroyed by a fire, leaving their operations to function in temporary facilities. As an active waste management facility, GFL looked to expedite the design and construction of the new facility so they could get their operations back to normal as quickly as possible.

The design-build team jumped into action to collaboratively design and build a facility that focused on meeting facility process needs, expediting the schedule, and budgeting a cost-effective approach. OX Studio and the Sachse preconstruction and construction teams worked in tandem to expedite reviews and ensure the project approach was continually updated as the design evolved and became more concrete.

During the construction phase, the team encountered the logistical challenge of working on an operating waste management site, next to the temporary processing facilities. Sachse Construction worked closely with GFL to understand their needs for the site. The team built a schedule taking unique site concerns such as high waste intake delivery via dump trucks into consideration. Through a fully integrated effort, the team completed the design and construction of the new 40,600 square foot waste transfer facility inside of eight months.