Case Study

Construction Management

The Scott at Brush Park

Ground Up Mixed-Use Development

Building a Lifestyle Community

Our approach to construction management is rooted in communication, the formation, and maintenance of a working relationship amongst all stakeholders, and following our proven process. The Scott at Brush Park is an example of construction management methodology working to build a new 199-unit, $63 million multifamily community in the Midtown Detroit neighborhood of Brush Park.

Paramount to the project’s success was maintaining a team-oriented approach with the client, Broder & Sachse Real Estate, and architect, Neumann/Smith Architecture. The project faced several challenges that tested the team, including:

  • Meeting an aggressive construction schedule to take advantage of Brownfield tax credits
  • Executing value management while maintaining a design that acknowledges the neighborhood’s historic character with sleek contemporary elements
  • Coordinating with municipalities

The Sachse Construction team built The Scott’s schedule to maximize concurrent tasks such as pouring concrete and installing prefabricated components where possible to achieve the aggressive 17-month construction goal. The coordination effort onsite saw a portion of every day dedicated exclusively toward discussing coordination and logistics and ensuring intricate planning transferred into action seamlessly.

Innovative cost solutions that concurrently contributed to time savings were critical to the project’s success. One cost-saving element used was a load-bearing masonry brick called C-Brick, which looks and acts like traditional clay brick. The brick doesn’t need to be constructed as a double wythe wall because it is less expensive and cuts down on construction duration.

The result: a multifamily community that is unlike any other residential lifestyle experience featuring luxury units and amenities while also being built in 17 months and achieving $2 million in cost savings.