Team Member Spotlight: Matt - Sachse Construction
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Team Member Spotlight: Matt

At Sachse Construction, we attribute our success to WHO we are, not what we do. Our team members continue to raise the bar each day by striving for excellence. We are excited to spotlight our team members, and showcase their incredible work! This month, we spotlight Matt, one of our Pre-Construction Managers!


Hometown: Clinton Township, MI
Education: Central Michigan University (Bachelor’s Degree) and Oakland University (Master’s Degree)
Department: Commercial Estimating

  1.  What is your role at Sachse Construction/what are you responsible for?
    As a Pre-Construction Manager at Sachse Construction, I am responsible for budgeting, cultivating our trade partner base, and assembling/delivering all-inclusive bid packages to our clients that fully meet their needs.
  1. What do you like most about working at Sachse Construction?
    The family atmosphere at Sachse Construction is very unique. I also enjoy learning more about the city of Detroit, such as its history, infrastructure, and the direction of where its heading.
  1. What do you like to do in your free time?
    We have three kids, all under six years old, so spending time with them is my favorite hobby. In my free time, I enjoy running and training for races.
  1. What is your favorite Sachse memory since you’ve started working here?
    The first time I led a bid from budget to an awarded job. Ringing the bell in our office for a job I led was a very rewarding feeling.
  1. What is most rewarding about your job; what makes it all worthwhile?
    Feeling part of a team working towards a common goal. Seeing a project through, from start to finish with your project team –and having fun doing it – makes it all worthwhile.
  1. What is your favorite training course that you’ve taken thus far at Sachse Construction? Why?
    Sachse Construction’s Core Values and Rayisms training course. The Training Department recently revamped this class and made it more interactive and engaging. The course is also very transparent, and invites other people from outside the company to attend.
  1. Which principle from Sachse’s Principles of Service resonates the most to you and why?
    “Have the Personal Touch” – I enjoy getting to know the many different people I encounter every day. From clients, to architects, to trade partners…it’s critical to understand the people you work with to tailor your communication style to their personality. Being able to relate to other people and having that personal connection makes work more enjoyable for me.

Sachse Construction is always looking for high-caliber and energetic people to join our team. To learn more about our career opportunities, visit our career portal.

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