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Study Compares Labor Hours for Various Low-Slope Roofing Options

A new study commissioned by Certain Teed Corp., “Factors Impacting Low-Slope Roofing Costs: A National Labor Study,” compares the amount of labor needed to complete various low-slope roofing project types.

A bituminous roof with a mechanically attached base and self-adhered cap took the fewest labor hours to install. The most labor-intensive roofing type was bituminous with a hot asphalt mopped base and a hot asphalt mopped cap.

The independent, five-year nationwide study found that the type of roof covering, project parameters, tool management, and crew efficiency are all major factors impacting contractor profits. Poorly managed crews, faulty tools and extreme climates will increase installation time, regardless of product selection, the study says.

The study is intended to help roofing contractors optimize allocation of labor from existing crews. It is also a reference contractors can use to compare their labor costs to a current, comprehensive national average.

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