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Sachse Construction has completed several projects for Whole Foods, including open store remodels for three locations: Ann Arbor, West Bloomfield, and Rochester Hills. Additionally, the team built a new ground-up Whole Foods in Detroit, MI, and made upgrades following its completion. Sachse Construction has completed renovation work for approximately 124,000 square feet of Whole Foods retail space.

The scopes of work for the completed open store remodels include, but are not limited to, finishes upgrades encompassing fixtures, ceiling covering, painting, lighting, and flooring, scullery upgrades, installation of new coolers, and food service equipment, and beer and wine casework, cooler, and aesthetic upgrades.

A few keys to the successful completion of the open store remodel work included coordinating with store management for loud construction activities, deliveries, and ensuring partitioning of the workspace was constructed correctly to separate the operating store areas from construction. Additionally, cleaning was a vital component both for safety and cleanliness reasons.

The 26,000 square foot ground-up store completed in Detroit contained a large amount of site work in addition to the construction of a new building. The store features a cafe, salad bar, pizzeria, custom sandwich shop, hot soups, fresh breads, and a patisserie. The building was constructed to be a new part of the community. The store included a bright mural on the back of the building and a patio in front of the store for enjoying a lunch or coffee break.

A significant challenge for the project was site logistics with the surrounding area, which includes active retail and apartment complexes, as well as a hospital and university. The project team implemented a traffic control plan which eased construction use of the roads during high public-use times.

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