Project Profile



Coworking Space Buildout

Careful Coordination

Sachse Construction was hired to manage the complete buildout of 10 floors (totaling over 103,000 square feet) in two separate buildings, to create a co-working space for WeWork that encompassed multiple enclosed offices in downtown Detroit.

Some challenges the project team faced on the WeWork project included limited access to main roads, small elevators which hindered the number of materials that could be moved at a given time, and ensuring minimal disruption to tenants below and adjacent to the space. Additionally, the space needed to remain presentable throughout construction for prospective tenant tours.

To overcome these challenges, Sachse Construction incorporated extra time in the schedule for moving materials through the small elevator with limited road access. The project team also coordinated with the building tenants and neighbors regarding any potential disturbances. To accommodate the sales tours, the project team installed certain elements, such as flooring, out of the typical sequence to help potential tenants envision the completed space. Moreover, the project team worked to keep the site clean and presentable while communicating to trade partners when sales tours may occur.