Project Profile

The Guardian Building

Mixed-Use, Office

Core & Shell and Tenant Buildouts

Modernizing a Historic Office Building

Sachse Construction has managed several projects in The Guardian Building. The first large renovation comprised 200,000 square feet across 16 floors. Additionally, Sachse Construction is currently leading the SmithGroup office renovation, which includes four floors of core and shell and tenant improvement work. A unique aspect of the project is the addition of a new staircase connecting the floors inside SmithGroup’s office space. Additionally, Sachse Construction completed office work for Wayne County offices within The Guardian Building.

The 16-floor renovation project included the complete demolition and rebuilding of all spaces, as well as a full upgrade to the existing mechanical and electrical system. Nearly 400 skilled trade partners worked on the project every day. The team completed all work without interruption to the occupied facility. The project was successfully turned over to the client in just under three months.

The building’s lack of a freight elevator access from the main loading dock presented our team with a unique challenge during the renovation. To overcome this hurdle, the team developed a comprehensive logistics plan and schedule. This included the installation of a material hoist on the exterior of the building that led to a series of staging areas on each of the building’s 16 floors.

Loading: The team had materials delivered to a secured alley, where they were then inventoried, organized, and prepared for loading immediately into the hoist system. Each palette was then placed onto the hoist platform using a standard forklift.

Range: The hoist system was able to deliver materials to and remove debris from 16 floors within a 32-story range. The system stopped precisely at each floor using landing sensors that ensured accurate delivery every time.

Rollers: Each floor under construction was fitted with rolling tables to accept deliveries from the hoist system and allow for easy loading of debris for removal. The rollers are laid on work tables and easily removed.