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Tapper’s – West Bloomfield




Tapper’s looked to their trusted general contractor Sachse Construction for the remodel of their headquarters in West Bloomfield, Michigan. The Tapper’s team also wished to keep this location in operation throughout the duration of construction, so the Sachse Construction team began by building temporary retail and office spaces within the same building. The full scope of work included tenant improvements, remodel, and expansion of the existing location while performing pre construction and general contracting duties.

Because this location is Tapper’s headquarters, approximately one-third of the space would become a retail sales floor, one-third would be used for jewelry fabrication, repair, polishing, cleaning, etc., and the final one-third would become office space for support and administrative staff. This brought together a unique blend of retail and commercial experts from the Sachse Construction team to complete every piece of the project to the highest standard.

After completing the buildout of the temporary space, Sachse Construction helped the Tapper’s team move into said space before beginning the remodel of the existing space. This remodel was performed around an operational, highly-secured vault in which certain security features were required to remain intact throughout construction. This required the team to pay special attention to the vault’s security systems so that no alarms were set off during construction activities. The team also installed special gas – similar to that found in hospitals – that would soon service jewelry equipment.

Within the space, the team also coordinated activities with several neighboring high-end retail and jewelry clients such as Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, and Shinola as not to disrupt their daily operations.

Upon completion, Sachse Construction moved the Tapper’s team back into their original space, leaving the team satisfied with their experience and ready to utilize the updated space.

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