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Camp Tamarack

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Campground Renovations

Creating Solutions, Not Problems

In 2013, Sachse Construction was hired to remodel Camp Tamarack in Ortonville, MI. The scope included the remodeling of eight DeRoy Village cabins, the renovation of the lodge in Berman Village, and the complete demolition and rebuilding of an outdoor amphitheater.

First, the team remodeled eight cabins in DeRoy Village, totaling over 5,000 square feet of renovations. The renovation included new windows, doors, flooring, paint, and furniture. The team realized the outdoor bench design did not match that of the neighboring Sheruth Village. Upon bringing the concern to the client’s attention, the client agreed to move forward with a uniform design across the two locations.

The scope of work also called for new HVAC exhaust fans at 3,000 CFM’s in each of the cabins. The Sachse Construction team’s extensive experience helped them guide the client in deciding to cut the CFM’s in half to better fit the small spaces. Not only did this result in cost savings for the client as well as energy efficiency in the long run, but also made for a more comfortable environment for the campers as the new systems were much quieter than anticipated.

Later, the Sachse Construction team tackled renovations to the lodge at Berman Village totaling 4,809 square feet of tenant improvements. Since Berman Village is located at the highest point of the campground, the team found it difficult to move materials up to the site in harsh winter climates. Remaining in close communication with the owners each day, the team was able to ensure a path to the site was plowed and sanded keeping the project on schedule.

The other challenge was the raised platform for the cabins as they were originally built on a slab. Because of the new elevations, the project team suggested additional insulation be added underneath each cabin to keep animals out and promote efficiency while heating or cooling.

The amphitheater renovation was the third major initiative at Camp Tamarack and was funded by a $1,000,000 foundation grant. This final project completely altered the old and worn out facility originally designed by Louis Redstone in 1958. The renovated facility consists of a covered, open-air 1,000-person seating area with backstage dressing rooms, storage, and restrooms. The existing stage floor and roof structure were carefully cleaned and preserved. The stage roof, an intricate Lamella design wood structure similar to a geodesic dome design with a beautiful patina copper roof, remained fully intact. The final result includes complete state-of-the-art sound and light technology systems as well as a projection screen for summer movie nights for the campers and staff.