Project Profile

SmithGroup Office Renovation




Over the past few decades, Sachse Construction has come to be known for thoughtful and precise construction, especially when it comes to preserving precious elements in a historic building. Among other reasons, this attention to detail and caring approach led SmithGroup to hire Sachse Construction for the renovation of their new office space.

SmithGroup is located on three floors of the Guardian Building, a landmark skyscraper in Detroit, MI, first erected in 1929. The renovation scope included tenant improvements to an existing space in order to balance the historic surroundings with modern amenities and appeal. Due to its overlap with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the project experienced a scope reduction which removed the entire third phase of the project. The team instead shifted their attention toward elements and features that remained a part of the scope to push the project forward.

One standout feature of this project is the staircase the project team added between two of the floors. Sachse Construction also replaced the entire HVAC system to further upgrade the space. Today, the space serves as a beautiful office space filled with both modern amenities and historic charm.