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Restaurants + Food Service

Café Buildout

In-Office Fine Dining

Qzine Cafe, located inside the Chase Building, required a complete buildout to be carried out by Sachse Construction. The team needed to strip the existing cafe to its core to bring the structure up to code and provide the building tenants with a modern and convenient restaurant-style cafeteria.

Below the existing cafe were tenants, which made coordination and communication from the project team a key factor when construction was needed underneath the floor of the café space while business, as usual, was carried out by those occupants. The team made accommodations to complete the required construction below the facility and bring it up to code.

The project transformed the cafe into a modern cafeteria-style restaurant with high-end-finished and state-of-the-art appliances. Luxurious meeting rooms were implemented into the construction process to accommodate for lunch-ins or special meetings tenants might have.