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Quicken Loans World Headquarters


Quicken Loans Headquarters Buildout

Shatterproof Construction

Quicken Loans relocated its world headquarters to the Compuware Building (One Campus Martius) in downtown Detroit. The first phase of the project consisted of the demolition and buildout of over 220,000 square feet spread out over four floors. The design communicates youth by incorporating bright colors, fun workspaces, and even graffiti art spray-painted throughout the common areas.

With a total cost of $23,000,000, Sachse Construction completed Phase One in just over two months. The remodel was built to LEED Silver specifications. Phase Two consisted of the 30,000 square foot tenant buildout of the Rock Executive Suite. This space used similar color themes as the rest of the Quicken Loans offices but included clear and colored glass panels on the entire perimeter of the office and a custom fish tank at the entrance.

There were several challenges associated with the Quicken Loans Headquarters project. Firstly, the HVAC system was located under the floor and needed to be upgraded. All walls also needed to be replaced. Since Sachse Construction was on an aggressive schedule, the walls and the HVAC system needed to be replaced concurrently in order for the project to be completed on time. Secondly, One Campus Martius was occupied during the time of construction and the landlord did not want construction to disrupt tenants, even if tenants were working late hours. Thirdly, a freight elevator was needed to transport large glass walls to the higher floors, but this posed the risk that the glass could shatter while being moved.

In order to complete the HVAC and wall work concurrently, careful coordination and logistics were implemented. Rooms were divided into sections, where the HVAC system was completed in one section, and the walls were completed in another section until the entire room was complete. Construction was completed in two shifts in order to ensure no tenants were disturbed during the working hours. Finally, in order to transport the glass up the freight elevator, a custom rack was installed to help prevent the glass from moving and shattering during transit.

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