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Plaza Del Norte

Shopping Center Reconstruction

Rebuilding on the Coast

Sachse Construction is currently performing tenant coordination and reconstruction services for Plaza Del Norte in Hatillo, Puerto Rico. The two-story, 699,000 gross square foot shopping center suffered damage following a hurricane to its façade, roof, and interior caused by wind and rain. The shopping center contains a variety of tenants, both large and small, including but not limited to Rooms to Go, Office Max, TJMaxx, Petsmart, Taco Bell, Burger King, Subway, and Skechers.

The scope of work for Plaza Del Norte includes reconstruction and remediation for the exterior and interior of the shopping center and tenant spaces, installation of a new roof, and repairs to the rooftop mechanical units and utilities such as an existing chilled water line which was deteriorating and required corrective action to ensure it could service the entire shopping center.

To complete the remediation and reconstruction scope efficiently, while also minimizing impact to shopping center operations, tenants, and visitors, Sachse Construction utilized a phased approach. The team completed remediation and reconstruction of the roof in blocks before interior space work. In total, the team built the roof in 38 different sections, which required a daily site activity coordination effort. As each block was completed, it was turned over to the tenant coordination team, who coordinated remediation and reconstruction work for interior landlord work as well as individual tenant spaces. Successful completion of the roof block reconstruction was vital to meeting the schedule milestones for the interior spaces.

The Plaza Del Norte project has experienced some unique challenges related to its location. The shopping center is located furthest west from Puerto Rico’s capital city, San Juan. As a result, the project team worked through advanced planning and communication to ensure materials and equipment deliveries were scheduled accordingly to accommodate arrival from San Juan as well as with the local daily shopping center schedule and peak occupancy times.  The plaza is also located very close to the ocean, which subjects it to highly corrosive sea air. A big part of problem-solving for the Sachse Construction reconstruction and tenant coordination team at this center was evaluating the damage as either hurricane or general wear and tear as well as delivering solutions for reconstruction of the roof and building components to be more resilient against the seawater. One example of this was coating the roof metal decking and using hurricane rated equipment and materials where feasible.

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