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Oakland Veterinary Referral Services


Medical Complex Renovation

Navigating Harsh Conditions

Oakland Veterinary Referral Services is a large, medical complex for animals with an emergency room, radiology and oncology departments, and a testing laboratory for medical technicians and staff. Sachse Construction managed the ground-up construction, an addition, and several renovations for this state-of-the-art facility in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

The veterinary center has undergone several projects since its original completion. The first significant project was the 2,100 square foot addition of a new oncology department, including exam rooms, laboratory and testing facilities, and offices. The second was a renovation to the intensive care unit (ICU), including an isolation room and emergency room (ER) totaling 2,800 square feet. The team completed this renovation while the 24-hour facility remained operational.

On the original ground-up construction of the facility, Sachse Construction faced challenging weather conditions. Construction began during a harsh winter, and the project team had to circumnavigate snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. Throughout the project, safety was a top priority.

During the winter months, Sachse Construction ensured all workers and team members had properly protected in the cold weather. The team had several warming breaks scheduled throughout the workday to make sure all were able to keep safe and warm. The breaks also helped with productivity as keeping the workforce in good condition assisted with the schedule.

During the ICU and ER renovation, a different set of challenges presented themselves, specifically long-lead items. The renovation contained several pieces of long-lead-time equipment manufactured in and shipped from the United Kingdom. To mitigate any concern for late deliveries, the Sachse Construction team coordinated directly with the equipment supplier. In the preconstruction phase, the team ensured that all equipment deliveries would be on time during the desired window. The project team kept in close communication with the supplier throughout the remainder of construction, ultimately leading to a successful and timely completion.

Today, the hospital is a full-service veterinary facility offering wellness, critical, and emergency care.

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