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Food Prep Area

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Sachse Construction has managed three projects for Morrison Healthcare in operational hospitals: a Copper Spoon in Rancho Mirage, CA, and two Copper Spoon cafes in Federal Way and Seattle, WA. The goal for the projects was to add a new cafe option to each of the hospitals. Each project dealt with having a scarcity of food and beverage options for staff, visitors, and patients.

Working in operating hospital environments provided several challenges for the project teams. For one, the largest hyperbaric treatment center on the west coast was next to the cafe at the Seattle location. Our team performed the demolition at night to accommodate this center’s operations. Additionally, the hospitals had special requirements for bringing trade partners on-site and needed our team to carefully manage several long-lead material and equipment items to ensure deliveries did not interfere with daily hospital operations.

Sachse Construction asked a lot of questions upfront to ensure we selected the right trade partners for the projects. The team paid special attention to those that had hospital experience. Daily huddles helped keep the entire project team on schedule and aware of hospital operations.

Keeping separation between the construction zone and hospital activities was paramount. On the Rancho Mirage project, Level 3 Infectious Control Barricades were used to keep construction debris out of medical equipment. Additionally, the inspection process was different. Both the hospital and the city performed inspections.

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