Project Profile

Level One Bank


Upgrading a Long-Vacant Space

Interior and Exterior Improvements

Sachse Construction managed the renovation of a vacant 95,000 square foot office building into Level One Bank’s headquarters.

The renovation included stripping all of the existing interior, millwork, replacing new ceilings, fixtures, core restrooms, and furniture. Since the building had previously sat vacant for so long, the existing HVAC system was no longer usable. The project team installed a new HVAC system in its place.

In an effort to update the entire look of the new space, a new state-of-the-art workout facility and kitchen were built within the facility. While the interior received its many upgrades, the Sachse Construction team ensured the exterior received the modern refresh it needed as well. Work to the exterior of the building included new windows and signage installation.

Upon completion, the building was converted from a dull office space into a modern banking facility with high-end finishes.