Project Profile

Kraemer Design Group

Historic Renovation, Office

Inspired Office Buildout

Where Design Meets Function

In celebration of Kraemer Design Group’s 20th anniversary, Sachse Construction worked with the architecture firm to help renovate their office.

The main challenge that Sachse Construction encountered was managing the renovations while the firm was still fully operational. Kraemer Design Group was utilizing its space for normal business operations during office hours, so noise control was something that required close monitoring.

Coordination between Sachse Construction, Kraemer Design Group, and the trade partners was crucial for the success of this project. The construction team worked in sections marked by barriers to control the noise and dust so that daily business operations could continue. Working flexible hours around busy office hours also aided in the completion of this project.

Sachse Construction completed the project with Kraemer Design Group on time for them to host their 20th-anniversary celebration at their new office.