Project Profile

Kirk in the Hills


Occupied Space Renovation

A Modernized Congregation

Sachse Construction led the renovation, staircase relocation, and elevator addition project at Kirk in the Hills. The work consisted of approximately 7,750 square feet of business office renovations, including remodel and conversion of a storage area into business offices, entryway renovations, relocation of a staircase, and an addition of an elevator.

The biggest challenge on this project was working in an occupied space. As the team was working on the project, the tenants’ businesses remained fully functional. Upon construction commencement, the project team had several egress issues. As seasoned professionals, the Sachse Construction team was able to solve these problems with ease, having encountered similar problems in the past. The team decided to complete the project in two separate phases allowing them to plan around tenant activities and perform construction work accordingly.

Sachse Construction was able to seamlessly modernize this traditional building to fit the client’s needs.