Project Profile

GFL Environmental USA, Inc.


Brand-New Facilities

Minimizing Operational Interference

The Sachse Construction team managed the design-build construction of a brand-new 40,600 square foot trash processing facility in Warren, MI, for GFL Environmental USA, Inc. A fire destroyed the industrial facility in 2014, and the team replaced the original building with a new structure. Today, the building contains a waste transfer facility with adjacent office space and a maintenance garage. Sachse Construction worked with the client to ensure a quick project turnaround so the client could fully return to business as usual as soon as possible. The Sachse Construction team completed the entire project in eight months.

GFL Environmental USA, Inc.’s daily operations continued throughout the entirety of the construction project. Their team worked in temporary facilities adjacent to the construction site in Warren, MI. The organization’s work required large machinery and the frequent coming and going of dump trucks. Before construction commencement, Sachse Construction worked with the client to better understand their daily operations and needs. The coordination allowed the project team to minimize interference between the construction and waste management equipment, and help make sure the team completed the project on-time.

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