Project Profile

General Dynamics Kitchenette Renovation




Sachse Construction was hired to renovate an industrial office space in Sterling Heights, MI. The scope of work included an extensive but flexible dust barrier wall system, selective demolition, new metal stud walls, bulkheads and ceilings, as well as new doors, frames, hardware, appliances, millwork, flooring, a Hunter Douglas metal ceiling panel system, and linear lighting. The project included eight core areas spread across three floors, totaling 50,000 square feet of office space.

The project team began by gutting the existing occupied core copy room and storage areas, repurposing them into a modern kitchenette and meeting spaces that better suited the needs of the staff.

Since several of the core project areas were occupied during renovation, the project team phased the construction so that at least one bathroom and vending area was always accessible to General Dynamics employees. This also minimized impact to material staging and ensured employees safety amidst construction operations.

In the kitchenette and meeting areas, the Owner added solid surface waterfall peninsula tables to elevate the look and versatility of the spaces where employees could meet, work, or conference with outside vendors via their upgraded teleconference system. To further elevate the space, the Owner tasked Sachse Construction with extensive wall covering removal. The team skim-coated and painted 8,000 square feet of existing walls to create the new, clean look.

Later, the team encountered another challenge when the Owner sought to include a Hunter Douglas metal ceiling panel system with linear lighting. Although the ceiling panels were not designed to accommodate the desired lighting system, the Sachse Construction team quickly mitigated the situation by

The final result was a brand-new space outfitted with modern finishes and striking features that suit the needs of each employee.