Project Profile

General Dynamics High Bay Renovation

Industrial, Office



General Dynamics entrusted Sachse Construction to renovate 6,000 square feet of their industrial space in Sterling Heights, MI. The project consisted of extensive scope, including:

  • Selective demolition of an existing, occupied shop, lab, and secure areas
  • Repurposing the aforementioned spaces into a new secure workspace in the shop area
  • Building a new secure vestibule for egress
  • Renovating the integrated ICE Theatre and ICE Lab spaces
  • Brand-new doors, frames, hardware, wall protection, and overhead door
  • Raised anti-static flooring
  • Lighting and acoustic ceilings installation

The work also included an engineered, 38-foot-tall structural metal stud wall, footing work, structural steel, bulkheads, and ceilings. On site, the Sachse Construction team found existing fireproofing issues that had to be properly remediated to ensure safety and compliance. They also remediated high- and low-voltage work within the space.

Since the core project areas were occupied during renovation, the project team coordinated phased construction to ensure employees were safely relocated during disruptive construction operations. When the employees could safely remain on site, the project team minimized disruptions by installing a dust wall and coordinating just-in-time deliveries.

Today, the General Dynamics team enjoys an office space with improved flow for efficient operations, additional amenities, brand-new finishes, and top-of-the-line safety features.