Project Profile

General Dynamics Program

Office, Restaurants + Food Service


Multi-floor Renovation

Sachse Construction was hired by long-standing client General Dynamics to complete a series of renovations to their office. The project consisted of a multi-floor renovation of kitchenettes in occupied office space and renovations to a 10,300 square foot high bay area and 4,300 square foot cafeteria.

The Sachse Construction team built a temporary wall as a dust barrier system, performed selective demolition, built new metal stud walls, and installed new doors, frames, hardware, millwork, sinks, flooring, food service equipment, lighting, bulkheads, and acoustic ceilings. Corrective action was required to fix existing fireproofing issues as well as high- and low-voltage work within the space.

Because the space was occupied during construction, Sachse Construction worked closely with the owner’s representative and the food service staff to phase the construction. This phasing ensured all areas were accessible to General Dynamics employees while minimizing disruptions to daily operations from construction activities, material staging, and workflow.

The kitchen remained operational until Phase 3 during a two-week holiday building shutdown. The project team capitalized on this slow period by installing the entire main cafeteria area during this time. The high-bay renovation included selective demolition of an existing, occupied shop, lab, and secure areas, repurposing the aforementioned spaces into a new secure workspace in the shop area, and also included an engineered, 38-foot-tall structural metal stud wall, footing work, structural steel, bulkheads, and ceilings. On-site, the Sachse Construction team found existing fireproofing issues that had to be properly remediated to ensure safety and compliance. They also remediated high- and low-voltage work within the space.

Today, the General Dynamics team enjoys an office space with an improved flow for efficient operations, additional amenities, brand-new finishes, and top-of-the-line safety features.

After three months of construction, the Sachse Construction team completed another successful project for General Dynamics.