Project Profile

Detroit Institute of Music Education


Navigating Strict City Codes

Modern Education in a Historic Space

The Detroit Institute of Music Education sought a new building to begin its operations in Detroit and ultimately selected the former Capitol Square building at 1265 Griswold. Sachse Construction worked to transform this historic building into an accredited school offering various three-year Bachelor of Arts programs.

The project team experienced several challenges while renovating this historic building. Specifically, many of the floors had decayed over time and no longer met building code. Secondly, the building had been previously remodeled using sub-quality materials presenting safety concerns. The team’s expertise in navigating strict city codes allowed them to remove all unusable and unsafe materials to secure the space and quickly obtain the proper permits necessary to proceed.

Where materials had decayed, special care was taken to ensure the team kept the building’s structural integrity intact. The team also repaired parts of the building where they needed to preserve the original architectural elements.

The new space for the Detroit Institute of Music Education features many unique areas with specialized finishes designed to create an environment that encourages creativity, individuality, and inspired learning. The result was a historic renovation that maintained the building’s historic charm while creating an interior centered on modern education.

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