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Design Within Reach Build-Out



Design Within Reach - Build-Out

Miller Knoll hired Sachse Construction to perform the buildout of a 5,860 square-foot high-end showroom and back-of-the-house for its Design Within Reach brand at Breton Village in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The new store is the first location for the Design Within Reach brand in Michigan.

The design for the space was a new prototype with several unique details, including exuberant lighting fixtures, a state-of-the-art interior brick pattern, and remarkable ceilings that had never been done before by Design With Reach.

The scope of work included, but was not limited to, the complete demolition and buildout of a showroom and back of the house, new HVAC installation, and reconstruction of the interior brick walls and flooring, which was completed in 11.5 weeks. To bring the new prototype design to life for Design Within Reach, the Sachse Construction project team had to coordinate extensively with trade partners, set a tight schedule and budget, and work closely with our architects to plan and complete the brand-new design. Due to the team’s extensive history with high end retail buildouts, the team was able to handle unforeseen problems quickly and effectively.

The result was a beautiful, high-end retail space with brand new designs for Michigan’s first Design Within Reach location. To learn more about the space, click here.





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