Project Profile

Corner Tap Room

Comerica Park Restaurant Renovation

Honoring the Past

Sachse Construction built the Corner Tap Room in Comerica Park, which replaced the Leo’s Coney Island on the ballpark’s Witherell Street side in 2015. The 3,000 square foot project included a complete interior renovation, the construction of a new bar with under counter lighting, and storefront upgrades to make way for a new entrance.

The interior includes real and replica Tigers and Tiger Stadium mementos and artifacts, and the design includes elements that replicate the old stadium name sign, scoreboard, seat section signage, lights, and other imagery in an effort to honor the past. Entire walls are adorned with enormous images from the old ballpark, including its years as the location of Navin Field and then Briggs Stadium.

Seating includes booths, traditional tables and high-tops, bar stools, and outside tables in a fenced stretch outside the restaurant along the street.

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