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Chartwells Showcase Program

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Food Service Showcase Program

Upgrading University Dining

Operating on campuses across North America, Sachse Construction was hired to lead the construction of the Chartwells University Showcase. The program consists of food service projects of various scale and scope, including commercial kitchens, seating areas, bookable box group study pods, serving lines, self-serve ordering kiosks, cosmetic upgrades, and sometimes, a full commercial kitchen buildout.

Working closely with the Chartwells team, Sachse Construction prioritizes each project, creating schedules and budgets with small-, medium-, and large-scale project phases throughout the lifecycle of each campus program. To date, Sachse Construction has completed approximately 15 projects between $50,000 and $1,500,000 under the Chartwells umbrella.

One of the greatest challenges the project team faced was strict deadlines. With students buzzing around campus nearly 24/7, all work was fast-tracked to navigate busy school schedules. The team was able to successfully work within occupied spaces with little disruption to students by closing off only small portions of a kitchen at a time or closing entire cafeterias during the summer months when foot traffic is minimal.

Each schedule gave the team approximately three months to complete multiple tiers of work across several different venues on one campus. Working at various campuses across the nation at any given time, the project team maintained an open and constant line of communication with the client in order to ensure each schedule progressed properly.
The team was also faced with many out of date buildings that were not up to code or possessed substandard electrical and fire suppression systems. Due to the short timelines, the team delivered rapid solutions as these items arose.

Highly skilled in the food service sector, the Sachse Construction team continues to work with Chartwells, making a major impact to each campus within tight timeframes.

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