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Office Space

Occupied Space in a Historic Building

Core & Shell Renovations

Sachse Construction was awarded the project of renovating floors 5-18 for Amrock in the First National Building in Detroit, Michigan. The project consisted of 400,000 square feet of core and shell renovations for an old historic building, while it was still occupied.

The First National Building was built in the 1920s on Cadillac Square, with an interesting “Z” shape architectural design and high ceilings.  The First National Building was named as a historic building, which posed a challenge for Sachse Construction, as we had to match client requests to historic requirements. There were also a lot of unknowns throughout the process that required alterations of the original plans. However, the biggest challenge for Sachse Construction was the short time frame given to complete this project.

Extensive investigation and precise communication with subcontractors, the team, and the clients were major requirements of this project. High-end finishes required high-end resources to complete this job. We called on about 1,000 team members and used state-of-the-art equipment to complete this project within the time frame that was given.

Sachse Construction’s extremely motivated team delivered amazing results and fulfilled expectations by successfully completing all renovations in this very short time frame for Amrock. Today, this class A office building stands as a constant reminder of a job well done. Although there were some challenges, Sachse Construction gained great knowledge of renovating historic buildings.

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