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New Green Globe Pilot Program Launched

Green Building Initiative (GBI) is in the final stages to an update of its American National Standard, with the launch of a new Green Globes pilot program.

ANSI/GBI 01-2010: Green Building Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings is undergoing final revisions. Later this year, a completely revised American National Standard to be titled “Green Globes Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings” will be unveiled.

The pilot program is open to all new construction and major renovation projects. During the pilot program, Green Globe assessors are involved upfront as guides and interpreters of the new criteria. New sections and criteria include: Site and Building Resilience, Resource Conservation, Moisture Control Analysis, and Building Risk Assessment criteria (reviews of the site for hazards like flooding, soil stability, and earthquake potential).

Over the past five years, GBI has certified over 850 Green Globes projects in the United States.

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